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Surrogate Skier

Journeyman Wizard is now on Amazon as a paperback. I received my first copy at home, and I'm proofreading it now.

This week's picture is my son and daughter-in-law skiing on Mount Washington in New York. I skied for over forty years, I haven't been for a few years now, as my muscles no longer have the strength to ski the double diamonds. So now Mike is my surrogate skier.

Jim Zaccaria, provided the paperback version of the cover. He went to a book exhibition over the weekend and displayed some of the covers he produced for my books.

I just finished the draft for The Four Crowns. I am now making it available for my beta reader, Mysterious Henry. I plan to take it easy for a fortnight before I start cracking open the fifth book, tentatively called Green Valley. During this quieter time, I will work on promoting my books and peddling some short stories to the magazines.

As I write this, I'm listening to AC/DC's Hell's Bells. I love the opening to this song.

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