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Volumes 1-4

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Wooden Hut

Defender of Vosj

Brodia wants to escape her abusive father’s plans to sell her to the Brotherhood.  Meanwhile, the visiting wizard, seeks an apprentice, and Brodia schemes to have him pick her boyfriend, so she can become an apprentice's wife.  However, the Brotherhood catches her first and her only chance is the wizard.  But what of the wizard’s Bone Crusher nickname; how did he earn it?

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The Fifth Kingdom

Heartbroken Brodia, the apprentice wizard, rushes from her guardian wizard toward the fifth kingdom. Where rival groups vie to burn her alive, claiming all female magicians are abominations. Despite having little chance, the seventeen-year-old is determined to find and kill her mortal enemy hiding in the fifth kingdom.

And her other enemies are watching.

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Journeyman Wizard

The wizard wars are starting and the Otanic wizards are hardly ready. The first target of the enemy wizard are the families of the Otanic wizards.

The Bone Crusher must protect the king, leaving Apprentice Brodia alone to protect his family. It was just what the enemy wizard hoped for.

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The remaining titles in the series

The Four Crowns

Return of the Defenders

Withered Wizard

The Black Wizard

Potters Field for Wizards

Anthology: What Comes Before

After two years in mourning, Bartholomew is returning as a special agent.  He is on Mars investigating a suspicious accident.  But seeing a member of the Shadow Rising terrorists brings back all those memories of Leanne's murder.

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