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Kevin Hallett's Biography

Kevin at graduation

He grew up in the farmlands of the green-belt around London in a horse-riding family. His sister was always the better rider and still owns horses and lives in the same village where Kevin lived for more than seven years before leaving for Sheffield.

He has always enjoyed seeing new places, and after graduating from Essex University (see photo), he followed his career to Sheffield. But by the age of twenty-five, the explore bug took full hold, and Kevin set off to travel and work his way around the World. He only got as far as the United States.  After eighteen months, his visa expired, and he returned to England to do consulting for a year, including several months in Saudi Arabia.

With a new and longer visa, Kevin returned to America and worked in New York, where he met his wife and settled for twenty-five years. They have three full-grown children and four grandchildren.

After moving to Texas just before the Great Recession, he found himself unemployed and spent nine months in Turkey managing his uncle’s hotel in Marmaris.To Kevin's Turkish friends, kolay gelsin.


Following two years of looking for work and relying on the food bank, Kevin found new employment and now works for a large technology company near Austin.

Since he was a teenager, Kevin wanted to express himself in stories but could not find a way to get past his logical approach to things. Then he read a blog from George R. R. Martin on advice for writers. I can do this, he thought. And so began a journey of discovery that has taken eight years so far. One of Martin’s pieces of advice was to write often and read the work of others.

Kevin has written over one million words and reviewed or critiqued over thirteen hundred stories. He is hopelessly hooked on all aspects of writing and is ready to publish his second novel in the eight book Defenders of Vosj series, called The Fifth Kingdom.

Kevin writes because he relishes telling stories. He endeavors to write well, so others can enjoy them.

Today, he lives in Central Texas with his spouse and eldest daughter. Plus, they have a gray hairball of a cat who’s three times the size of their older min-pin dog. They recently added a rescue lab named Lynn, who was found at the side of the road with a badly broken back leg.

Kevin has written over thirty short stories and six novels, including one that will remain in the attic trunk forever (a writer’s first works are only good for the trash dump). Four years ago, Defenders of Vosj began as a novella but he fell in love with the lead character, Brodia, and it has since blossomed into the first of a eight novel series.

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