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Getting started

This is for people wanting to try writing (most everyone can write, it is writing well that's the enduring challenge).

  • Write often (500 words every day) for 3 months. That is everyday, no matter how you feel.  Find out what time you are most creative. At the end of the 3 months, evaluate if you enjoy writing or not (if not, then writing isn't for you right now).

  • Make up your own universes do not use another author's. Get those creative juices going, this too will either become easier or not.

  • Write short stories at first for the practice of starting and ending a story and getting timely feedback.

  • Keep getting feedback. You want constructive criticism. Those writers who don't have thick skins are now ex-writers. Your work will be ripped apart; expect it, welcome it, and learn from it.

  • Read recently published stories. What prose did you like and why, what prose didn't you like and why? At first, you can learn more from the bad than the good.

  • Find resources to help you. This includes online classes, critique groups, and support groups.

Online classes

I have used these sites for taking classes.

Odyssey offers a wide variety of help for speculative fiction writers.

The Writers League of Texas.  All genres and all locations.

Critiques & Books

Other help that was useful for me.

Critters offers critique groups for most genres.

Stein on Writing by Sol Stein (available on Amazon)