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Journeyman Cover

It's been a quiet week as I continue to make strong progress on my books. On Thursday I decided to add a one pager to the front of The Fifth Kingdom and Journeyman Wizard. The page will contain a very brief synopsis for each major character coming over from the previous novels. A sort of who's who for the reader who hasn't read the earlier novels. I think that's a good idea, but I could be wrong. Anyway, I've added the page Defenders of Vosj: Who's Who to the start second novel The Fifth Kingdom.

My cover artist, Jim Zaccaria, has decided to go with the scene where Brodia and Preem are on a ship in a hurricane for the Journeyman Wizard cover. The picture this week is his first mockup in black and white. For me, this is far more dynamic than I had imagined, which helps justify using an artist to render these things. But what do you think?

I have incorporated my editor's main ideas around the third novel,

and I hope to begin seeking reviewers and/or beta readers in early February.

For the fourth novel, The Four Crowns, I just finished the changes to chapter forty-two, which is a new chapter near the start of the third and final section.

As I write this, I'm listening to The Who's Behind Blue Eyes. It's always been my anthem, given the color of my eyes.

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