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JW Cover - What Do You Think?

This week I've been preparing and formatting the third book, called Journeyman Wizard, for publication. The first steps will allow me to create a sample and a copy for reviewers to read. Expect me to provide a link next week to request a copy for reviewers. These steps help to bring the novel to life for me, I can see the point where the book is available for people to acquire from Amazon. As usual, there will be a Kindle Unlimited copy for free.

Jim Zaccaria, has done more work on the Journeyman Wizard cover, and the latest rendition is included here. Please leave a comment to this blog, letting me know what you think of the proposed cover. Does it capture action and mystery? Would you find a cover like this attractive enough to try out the book?

For the fourth novel, The Four Crowns, I just finished the changes to chapter forty-five (An Old Friend). At the moment the book is fifty-six chapters long.

As I write this, I'm listening to Stealers Wheel's Stuck in the Middle with You. I can't listen to this without seeing Michael Madsen dancing in Reservoir Dogs.

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I like the cover but why is the grey man looking one way. Is there a threat?

The girl seems lost in thought. Should her eyes be more open?

Stormy. Yes I would buy on cover alone.

Anna O

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