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Austin's Witchfest

In a few days, 3/14/23, Journeyman Wizard launches on Amazon, you can get it for free via Kindle Unlimited, or for $2.99 as an ebook. This is the third installment of Brodia's story as one of the Defenders of Vosj. It's set a year after the end of the second book, by now she is a wizard in every sense of the word, but not yet strong enough to tackle the Gray Wizard who isn't waiting for her to become strong enough.

This week's picture is from Austin's Witchfest. My daughter is into crafts, so we took her there. The picture shows an old house on the site with a wagon from the early 1900's. They had lots of crafts for sale, including swords, mystical stones, and witchy garments. One of the people walking around dressed themselves to look like John Lennon, I guess I should have taken his picture, ahh well!

I am now working on the fifth book, Green Valley. I am drafting the third chapter, Lost, I believe these last four books are my favorites from the series, especially the fifth, where Brodia discovers what been happening while she's been hidden in the Green Valley for six years.

Wow, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon just started playing as I write this. What more can I say. This song blew me away when it came out during my time at Essex University. I still have the vinyl record.

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