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Volumes 1-4

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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Kevin P Hallett

Writer of Speculative Fiction

Every novel has a story to tell

Kevin P Hallett writes fantasy and SF stories from his Central Texas home. He has lived and worked in four countries, enjoying the diverse cultures. A country boy from England, he relishes any time to sit and imagine his stories incorporating farm and country life.

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Wooden Hut

Published 9/13/22

Defenders of Vosj  (vol 1)

Brodia wants to escape her abusive father’s plans to sell her to the Brotherhood.  Meanwhile, the visiting wizard, seeks an apprentice, and Brodia schemes to have him pick her boyfriend, so she can become an apprentice's wife.  However, the Brotherhood catches her first and her only chance is the wizard.  But what of the wizard’s Bone Crusher nickname; how did he earn it?

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The First Defenders

While escaping from indigenous monsters, the trapped colonist stumbles upon the planet’s magical power. But the other colonists brand her a traitor despite losing her leg when the monsters attacked her. Now she must find a way to save them regardless.

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