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P-Day is Near

Yes, the day my debut novel is to be published approaches. I've been working and learning, learning and working to be ready. Creating newsletters and embarking on swaps with other authors to expand the mailing list.

The book is ready. The cover has been ordered. The reader magnet is being sent out. Next is creating an artist request on Kickstarter to see if there is enough interest in a custom dust cover for the book.

Excited and apprehensive, I'm told the debut novel usually struggles, and it's the second book that picks up the first one. And most of the tools a writer can use to promote their work requires an already published book, so this advice about the first book seems grounded in the natural challenges of the first book. Still, the other advice is to push the first book hard, even if it's normally doomed to struggle.

So here goes! The first book Defender of Vosj is scheduled to be published on September 13th.

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