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Journeyman Wizard is Ready!

This week I completed uploading the proofreading edits for The Fifth Kingdom to Amazon KDP. The official publication date is Tuesday, December 13th. I also completed the third book Journeyman Wizard, which I have sent to both my editor and Mysterious Henry.

The picture this week is of the boxset for the first two books, this is a graphic only, but I think it looks good. I'm learning to use BookBrush to create book related graphics.

My wife and daughter are deep in the grips of a bad cold, leaving me alone in the mornings. So, on Thursday I started writing the revisions to make The Four Crowns into a separate novel, the fourth in the 8-book series. In four days, I wrote 5,000 words for the novel's new opening.

As I write this, I'm listing to The Who's "Rain on Me". My favorite group when I lived in England.

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