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Darned Dodecahedrons

My daughter was sick on the day of my birthday, so we weren't able to celebrate it much. Instead, we will go to see Avatar II this Tuesday. I'll give my opinion of the movie in next week's blog.

For those wondering when I was born, I'll leave a simple clue. I was born on the winter solstice (which makes me a druid) in the year of Queen Elizabeth's coronation (Elizabeth II not Elizabeth I).

The picture this week is of a dodecahedron that I created last week; you can see all the pencil markings used to draw the lines correctly. If you don't know how the dodecahedron is related to the novels, then reading Defender of Vosj will make it clear.

Journeyman Wizard (book three) remains with the editor, I checked in with him recently, he says he's been a tad tardy, and will get moving faster now.

I continue to write The Four Crowns each day. I just completed the changes to chapter twenty-five (A Hard Lesson).

As I write this, I'm listing to Procol Harum's "A Lighter Shade of Pale".

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