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Enter the required information below to apply to get a copy of The Fifth Kingdom to read and provide feedback to the author.

Who Are We

The Fifth Kingdom

This is the second volume of the Defenders of Vosj series. Use this site to provide information to the author who will select some responders to receive a beta copy of the book in pdf or electronic form.

The implied ask is that the selected readers read the story and provide feedback to the author within two weeks of downloading the copy. The feedback includes any or all of the following areas:

1.  Any errors found in spelling or grammar.

2.  How well did the story read. What chapters seemed slow or unnecessary.

3.  Were there any passages that confused you.

4.  Did you find any plot breaks, if so where and what.

5.  Did the story grab your attention at the start?

6.  Did the end work?

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